I just can’t believe how fast everything go now. My set on Suicide Girls has over 1000 votes and 200 comments and it has only two days! 

Moreover, today I took part in Nasty Crue’s music video with a wonderful group of people and it made me feel that finally I’m doing something with my life.

I’m going to have another photoshoot at the end of the week. And I’m planning a reunion with my fellow pin up photographer.

If only my studies where as exciting as my life is right now.Or at least at the moment.


Anonymous asked: Do you follow the suicide--love blog on here? Someone just requested your pics to go on there.

Oh I didn’t know that! Thank you! 

posted 2 days ago

Finally!My set is out on @suicidegirls !Go and give it some sweet lovin’ www.suicidegirls.com/members/vivling #suicidegirlshopeful #sghopeful #redhead #tattoos

My life is fucking awesome!Wanted to check how my set is doing on Suicide Girl and all I can see is the message that I can’t view the website. FML.

Tell me why?! ;(

Attention please!

My new set “Forest Witch" is up on Zivity right now! If you have a membership by chance, you can give me some love and I’ll give you sweet incentives soon ;)

Also,my first ever set called “Sweet heart” will be up in Member Review on Suicide Girls. And again I’d like to ask you for a support. 

Going to sleep now, I hope you’ll enjoy both sets.

“I did not intend to get this drunk” — Me everytime I drink (via fuckyesmad)


happy b-day, beauty!

Anonymous asked: To become a professional model you have to promote your self more actively. Making a only personal content blog would be a good start. Also as a tumblr expert i wish to advise you that only the five first tags can be searched outside of your own blog.

Oh thank you so much! I didn’t know the thing about tags! 

I’ll think about it. My photographer wants me to start my own FB FanPage,so I’ll take into consideration both ideas. Thank you so much again :)

And another one! Felt kinda like Hermione or maybe the next Supreme Witch with that hat on.

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